Yoga Massage Chronic Pain

Hello there,

My name is Beatrice, but most people call me Bea. I am a registered yoga teacher and a clinical massage therapist on a mission to help people improve their pain levels, stress and anxiety.

I am originally from Florence, Italy, but have been living in the UK for 5 years and am currently based in Worthing, West Sussex. However, I work with people all over the world, since I do not only work in person, but also online.

I hold a few different yoga teacher trainings certificates (which you can see below) as well as clinical massage trainings, however my teaching  also comes from direct experience…

At the age of 11 I was diagnosed with scoliosis, later I suffered 2 long-term illnesses (age 14 and age 24) and suffer from connective tissue disorders (under the unmbrella of autoimmune diseases) and PTSD. Yoga has been a deeply supportive practice. During certain periods of my life (my illnesses and flare ups) I experience first hand how practicing a general Asana (posture) class does not suit my body. I needed to find something that could work for me without causing harm – Ahimsa. Therefore, what I teach comes from the knowledge that our bodies are in need of different things at different stages of our lives and that a “hard”, fast-paced practice is not always the answer.

For me, yoga needs to be an inclusive practice! Every body is different and certain postures might not be attainable for ones body, and that is perfectly fine.

My gentle approach applies to both Yoga & Massage for Chronic Pain. I believe massage doesn’t need to be extra strong to be effective and I use different techniques for different clients.





What people say

Perfect Instructions

Bea is great. I started with her Yoga for the Spine video and I’m hooked. Perfect instruction for beginners like me.

Kristin D-V

Brilliant Instructor

Bea Is a brilliant Instructor, explains poses well but at a pace so the class flows nicely, good relaxation techniques before and after too.

Zak V.

Calming Energy

Bea leads the best yoga class, it’s the perfect start to my weekend! She encourages holding postures for longer and has a beautifully calming energy.

Hannah S.

Private Class for Spinal Condition

Bea is a great yoga teacher, she is caring and knowledgeable and she’s really helped support my spinal condition with yoga. I’ve had a couple of private classes with her to help me manage my condition and she’s been amazing. Highly recommend.

Ally M.

Tension Eased

I have been practicing Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga for a few years but had never tried Yin so I thought I’d give this a go. It is a slower pace than I’m used to but I’ve noticed after only two sessions any tension from sitting at a desk ease, and generally feeling a wonderful overriding sence of calm. A really lovely practice that I would definately recommend, and Bea is very approachable.

Vicky R.

Fab Teacher!

Fab teacher! I’m a complete beginner and find her classes a fabulous way to start my week! Highly recommended.

Kim M.

Lovely Massage

Had a lovely massage this evening by Bea, was very relaxing and made me feel great afterwards. Also very friendly and nice to chat to, so would definitely recommend.

Ruth P.