private yoga & self-care

“Our yoga practice should be alive and adaptable to our needs as we go through the seasons of our lives.”

Paul Grilley

Do you need more specialised attention? Suffer from pain, tension and stress that cannot be helped by general or group classes?

1:1 yoga can be adapted to all bodies and abilities, helping to improve overall movement, both actively and passively. My classes are based based on one fundamental knowledge: that every body is different and that real, live anatomy is variable and dependent on the individual. Not all postures are made equal and I can help you understand how to adapt for your body, to get the best possible results.

Working with me, we will explore individual needs and wants and look at your medical history to develop a plan specific for you.


yoga for back pain relief

I am extremely passionate about back health. In my back care classes I incorporate different techniques from Hatha and Yin to meditation and Yoga Nidra, using props as needed to aid comfort as well as challenge and build mobility, strenght and support. I also include some Pilates techniques for the support of our core.

In back care classes we do not just stop at the lower back, but we pay attention to the whole length of the spine and the surrounding areas, including the ever to troubled ares of neck and shoulders as well as the hip area. Practically, all the areas that are involved in the support of healthy and pain free movement of our spine.

I know that back pain can be very debilitating as I personally suffer from scoliosis, which affects not only my back but also my neck and shoulders. So you can be sure that I will take the outmost care in planning the perfect class the works for you!

I will also develop a plan of self-care, yoga and (if desired) self-massage techniques that you can practise at home in between sessions.

Mine is a very down to earth approach to back care, I only use and suggest things that have worked over the years, no fuff!

As with anything, we need to check in with our GP before starting any new type of physical activity.

want to see what the back care sessions are all about?
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pregnancy & postnatal

Aches and pains or stressed during and after pregnancy?

Yoga for pregnancy has many benefits for both you and the baby. It’s important to stay active during pregnancy and gentle and tailored yoga is a great way to do so; especially as yoga also incorporates breathing techniques that can be particularly useful. In addition, it will help you relax and connect with your baby through visualisation and physical and emotional connection. Releasing aches and pains that might be caused by the bump, with a focus on the lower back, neck and shoulders.

However, as your body goes through these delicate changes, you might want to practice in a safe, comfortable enviroment, with classes tailored to you. You can be sure to go at your own pace, be looked after and only practice exercises that are safe and gentle.

Postnatal yoga can be a great, fun way to recover and get back to exercising. Suitable from 4 to 6 weeks post-partum, after you have had your check-up with your GP.

We will pay particular attention the the abdominals and pelvic floor, spinal and pelvic health, as well as releasing muscle tension due to carrying and feeding the baby.

Starting gently and building up strength, stamina and flexibility, so that you can get back to all the group classes and exercises you most enjoy!

yoga for back pain management



All private classes start at £40 for an hour. The first session includes a 30 minute consultation at no extra charge!